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Behind the Scenes

I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA where I actively work in photography, graphic design and music.

Far away from my homeland in the mountainous territories of Denver, CO, (where the yetis still roam free) I caper with the populace of Los Angeles in an effort to better understand this complicated breed. I’m constantly drawing inspiration from the city, architecture, people, music, photography, and sights around me.

All of the photography appearing here is available for purchase in limited edition, signed and numbered prints.

More photos can be found on my Flickr that I don't post here. Please visit: www.flickr.com/photos/zachschrock/

Work / Friends / Inspiration

I’m currently accepting freelance work in any areas of the arts including but not limited to: printed publications, promotional items, website development, brand identity, album packaging, product packaging, architectural / landscape / lifestyle photography, as well as any other related projects you might have.

Friends and inspirations include: Jeremy Dowd, Josh Fallon, Mike Cina, Geoff McFetridge, Dana Neibert, Sigur Ros, Broken Social Scene, The Album Leaf, Cliff Martinez, Mark Isham.

Contact / Purchase / Legal

Feel free to drop me a line to just say hello, send greetings from afar, or to discuss a work related project.

AOL Messenger: Element Insites

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